The Heart of Yoga: How to Become More Beautiful and Happy (OSHO Classics)

The Heart of Yoga: How to Become More Beautiful and Happy (OSHO Classics)

English | December 22nd, 2017 | ASIN: B07374G1K8, ISBN: 1938755723 | 201 Pages | EPUB | 1.33 MB

Can Yoga make you happy - what is the secret of happiness? While the practice of Yoga is now being widely embraced by the West in context with health benefits, body flexibility and as a relaxation method, in a world where most of us now have on a material level almost everything we need, the spiritual aspects and questions of quality of life, happiness and well-being are center-stage questions now.

To be happy is now more valued than material riches, money and prestige, which many have but realize that they did not find happiness through them. Osho continues his presentation and analysis of the original Yoga sutras by Patanjali, Yoga: The Science of the Soul, with ten extraordinary talks addressing key issues in our lives.

Such incredible teachings and lessons are hidden in these ancient scriptures. According to ordinary thinking, to be friendly with someone who is happy is very easy. The truth is it is not! In fact, it is one of the most difficult things in life. If somebody is happy, immediately you are shocked - how is it possible? How come you're not happy and the other is? This seems like injustice. With the happy you feel jealous - in a subtle competition. You feel inferior with happy people. Or you may show your happiness, but that's just a facade, a show, a mask.

Learn about the secret and once the secret is known, once you know how one becomes happier, and how with others' happiness you create a situation for yourself to be happy, there is no barrier; you can go as far as you like.

Learn the secret of being happy with the whole universe, with every flower, river, rock and star; become one with this continuous eternal celebration.

This remarkable OSHO Classic belongs in everybody's library!


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